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Der wohl wichtigste Event im Jahr ist die Super Rally welche immer über das Pfingstwochenende statt findet.
Jedes Jahr organisiert ein Memberclub der Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe diese Rally.

Einen Rückblick auf die Geschichte der Super Rally FH-DCE über diesen Link.



Hi dear friends 😊

As sometimes asked, finally I am writing to you something about our family, The Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe.

I am 1962 born Finnish man who has been riding different kind of 2-wheelers since 1986 but got possibility to try a real motorbike in 1998 and got hooked then. My very first Harley Rally visit ever happened on the year 2000 in FH-DCE Super Rally® in Finland, Himos. I fell love the atmosphere and all the audience in that happening, so I immediately wanted to be a part of this warm feeling, happy and nice Federation family we are. After that it took some years before I was asked to give my own contribution to the welfare of our community. Today I have more than ten years activity in different kind of positions of trust in H-DC Finland. Very soon I got possibility to make friends with the members from other FH-DCE clubs and learnt immediately that all around the Europe we truly are “made in same mold”. So much I’m enjoying every new friendship I find in our European wide family. I am lucky because I have more time than average member to take care my duties in Federation. That is because I am not working anymore. I’m on full pension after my military career. I think this is great honor to me individually and to H-DC Finland too that I have been asked and elected to continue the great work after Ulf Jensen who made carefully and very successfully this post 12 years before me. I want to do my best I ever can in this position. After my first full year in this post I am aware it may take some years before I have learnt details of this job, but I keenly want to do it as good as I am able to.

Many times I have been asked a question, what the Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe is? Why it is? What is it doing?

I like to say we are a group of bikers. We are almost 40 000 persons in about 120 member clubs in Europe. Some discussion to gather together from all around Europe has started in 1970s but officially we are established in 1991 and in 2000 accepted under European law. Why then do we bikers want to be together? Because the life/riding is much better in together. And then we can share our experience of living/riding with others who are thinking and living about same way. Together we are wiser, more powerful and everything is much more fun. That is the reason to our existence…that is why we are!

What are we then doing in the name of the FH-DCE? Well, we are making a lot of fun and good. The FH-DCE is the owner of the FH-DCE Super Rally®. It is one of the most famous and biggest biker happenings in Europe. It is every year in different place somewhere in Europe. It is always bit a same as before but at same time it is very different kind of because the organizer and location is changing every year. We own that great long weekend happening and we are making it every year. Another big happening is the annual Presidents’ Meeting. Also organized in different location by different member club in every year. It is also a possibility to have big party, but all the clubs do not participate in it in that way. From most attending clubs are coming the official delegates only for the meeting even though there is a good possibility to make friends with many bikers from all over the Europe. We are sometimes worried and taking care of the rights and rules of the bikers/motorcyclists. That action we are taking care by close relations to Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) which is the most important organization taking care of the rights of motorcyclists in Europe. We are supporting them every year by remarkable amount of money. I think these are the most important actions to bring up from the FH-DCE. Our member clubs are doing a huge amount of other excellent actions every day. The information of our actions we are telling in our web site ( and some FH-DCE Newsletters which I am distributing 4-6 pieces per year. They all can be found in our website, in the “login” (members only) area. The password to get access to that Login-area is provided to you by your club authorities.

Then, what are the benefits to every personal member of the members club in the FH-DCE? What can the individual get from the FH-DCE? The first and the most important thing I like to say is the membership of our great family. Now if you do not know what I am talking about, please come to FH-DCE Super Rally® and find it, feel it…it is there 😊 Many other benefits are varying a lot. Sometimes a person can get a discount of some price. This year the FH-DCE Super Rally® organizer gave a discount to every member of member clubs for the price of the entrance fee bought in advance in special time. A year before we had a special “members only” are in the FH-DCE Super Rally® area with good facilities, electricity and so on. If you ride to the rally of the other member club you may have a discount for the entrance fee on the gate. For example, the entrance fee of the H-DC Finland International Rally for non-FH-DCE member is 80€ but only 40€ if you are a member of a Federation member club. With that price you get 3 full breakfasts, free tenting, all the program (live music, shows…), saunas every day and so on. There are lot of benefits, but they are depending of every member clubs.

I have been thinking some European wide benefits. Perhaps some discount of accommodation, ferries, fuel and so on. It seems to be very difficult. It is easier to make these things happen nationally, in one country and in one club. We are a community of more than 120 clubs. Some of us have a membership card but everyone does not, and all the cards looks different. There are some challenges on our way to reach some European wide benefits for individuals, but I am working on it.

Today, I am looking Federation future life very positively. I do not see any troubles rising on our way. We will have only good things happening to us. In Athens, on November during our latest Presidents’ Meeting we made only good decisions and my trust to the wisdom of our most important decision-making body (Presidents’ Meeting) is adamant. There we made, again, many good decisions and in this situation, I have possibility to thank my dear friend Ulf Jensen for his great work as my predecessor and to congratulate him for “the Honorary Member of the FH-DCE” position we decided to give to him. Another great decision in the meeting to mention here is the admittance of the full membership of the H-DC Essen from Belgium. Congratulations, you are so welcome to our big family!

Here, in the end of this informative writing, I want to remind you that the FH-DCE is what we, all together, are. It is like we are. It is as productive and warm feeling community as we are making it to be. Please, come along.


Sakari “Sakke” Rantanen


Federation Secretary, FH-DCE


Roads-Hogs H-DC Switzerland




Der Harley-Davidson Club Breda/Holland (many thanks Henk) ist unser internationaler Club welcher unsere Aufnahme in die FH-DCE unterstützte.Holland ist immer eine Reise wert.
Wir danken dem H-DC Breda für Ihre Freundschaft.

Unsere Freunde aus dem Süden Europas.
Immer ein genussvolles Erlebnis in Italien.

Wir danken Gio Cristiani (Founder H-DIC)

und dem H-DIC für die italienischen Momente
in unserem Leben. Grazie amici italiani.